FREEDOM FROM FEAR: Arms export taxes can finance the UN to:

— Enhance conflict resolution through a non-violent civilian peace force,
     emphasizing the participation of local women in peace settlement negotiations.
— Enlarge mediation and conciliation services.
— Form an all-volunteer rapid deployment Emergency Peace Service and
     designate standby regional peacekeeping forces.
— Create a corps of police officers to work with peacekeepers.
— Regularize the functioning of the Peacebuilding Commission to help
     societies recover from violent conflicts.
— Develop a global peace education curriculum and secure its use in all schools.
 •  Institute universal jurisdiction for the International Criminal Court (ICC).
 •  Declare wars of aggression illegal through the ICC, enforced at least by lifetime
   travel restrictions for fear of prosecution on heads of state that authorize crimes
    against the peace.
 •  Stem nuclear proliferation by having current nuclear states de-alert all their
    nuclear weapons.

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